Stydy Trips about Cycling in Denmark

We have together with Foreningen Frie Fugle several years' experience in organizing study trips / training courses.

The next study trip / training course will be September 9-11, 2024. You can see the draft program and details for the upcoming study trip here.

The typical study trip / training course is a combination of lectures and technical excursions. The lecturers are experienced experts in some of the many fields of cycling. The study trips / training courses are often organized around Copenhagen with a visit to see cycling facilities in a Copenhagen suburb also. However, study trips / training courses can also be centered around or include other Danish cities as well as Malmo or Lund nearby in Sweden.

Participants will receive a link to a website for the specific study trip / training course with general info, maps, and - after the lectures - the powerpoints shown and other sources of relevant material.

Positive Feedback

We have got a very positive feedback from previous participants: "We have already been to several conferences, but cycling around seeing how the local cyclists behave gives you a much better understanding of what we can achieve at home and which challenges we need to cope with."

Target Group

The target group of the study trips is planners, policy makers, politicians and NGO representatives. The only requirements for participation is an interest in the issue and the ability to cycle. Even for those, who can't cycle, we can find solutions.


M.Sc. Thomas Krag from Thomas Krag Mobility Advice (company registration number DK25226631),
mail, phone +45 27 11 86 24.

Thomas Krag Mobility Advice is member of the Cycling Embassy of Denmark. 



Updated October 29, 2023